Aprendi Globe
Display of travel stories by location on a rotating globe of the Earth
Aprendi Home Page
Home page showing featured travel stories and images
Aprendí Facebook Page
Facebook Page for Aprendí
Travel Badges
Badges unlock as users share their stories and perform certain actions on the site.



American Airlines


HTML5, CSS3, Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP, Drupal

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Aprendí was a spanish-language social travel site by American Airlines


Spanish for "I learned", Aprendí is a spanish-language social travel site by American Airlines. Visitors to the site can share stories from their travels.

The site had a 3d globe showing travel stories in various countries around the world.

My company, Catalyzing Concepts, partnered with digital design firm The Groop in Los Angeles to create a unified design and scalable application framework for customers to upload their stories to the site.